Assistance Dog Training 


We are a preferred trainer for PAWsome Assistance Dogs (PAD)

Please contact PAD for any Assistance dog enquiries.




For those who meet the Registration requirements, PAD’s goal is to provide Handlers with an inclusive association and environment, in which to thrive with the support of their Assistance Dog. We consider our Team of Handlers as a family. Our strict application process is about protecting that family, be they minors or vulnerable persons.


PAD standards are designed to ensure everyone in that family feel safe, supported, and protected PAD operates under the guidelines of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA 1992).


We are Australian wide, and currently in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, and soon to be in Western Australia, and South Australia. We are Incorporated in Queensland, and an ACNC Registered DGR Charity. Currently, the administration office is in Brisbane.

PAD’s focus is to provide Affiliate, Registered Self Training Assistance Dog Handler Teams with organisational registration, mentoring and support, including training assessment and advice, and public access testing and standards verification, to comply with Federal Guidelines and Laws in relation to the use of Assistance Dogs, and Assistance Dogs in Training.


Any individual, with verified disabilities, that would benefit from the support of an Assistance Dog, to alleviate the effects of their disability may apply for Affiliate Registration.

PAWsome Assistance Dogs Inc is an advisory and support hub, for Affiliated, Registered Self-Training Handler Assistance Dog Teams.

Our goal is to provide a physical and virtual based community, with the aim to help with emotional and mental health, as well as social isolation and loneliness issues, encountered by those who are physically and/or mentally disabled.

PAD actively promotes the welfare of both Affiliate Teams, and the General Public with disabilities, through the Association’s own activities; by engaging others to undertake activities on its behalf; as well as, encouraging social interactions between Handler Teams.


PAD provides personal and professional advice, support and assistance to Affiliate, RegisteredHandler Teams, so that they can make informed choices to enhance their own quality of life.