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Dog Obedience Training

Our Dog Bizness 4 Week Dog Obedience Group Training Courses are for all breeds, 16 weeks and over. These courses will build a stronger relationship, allow for clearer communication and most of all - make training fun ! We have multiple qualified and experienced trainers at every session and our classes have 7 participants maximum.

What sets us apart is the extra service we provide at these sessions, we always have 2 - 3 trainers at every session, we can adapt, work one on one with you, explain as we go, give you extra attention where its needed. No cookie cutter approach and send you on your way.


Our qualified and experienced obedience trainers also have a vast amount of behavioural knowledge to offer extra guidance throughout the course. Having an in-depth understanding of dog behaviour means you have the added benefit of trainers that can adjust, improvise and  think outside the square when needed.


These courses are not suitable for reactive dogs (barking, lunging, highly stressed in proximity to other dogs). Excited dogs are quite ok !

Level 1 

This course includes:

  • Coming when called

  • Creating a reliable stay

  • How to keep yourself and your dog enthusiastic about training

  • Life saving "Leave it" command

  • Loose lead walking 

  • Mistakes commonly made in dog obedience training

  • Proper use of positive rewards in training

  • Teaching focus and engagement 

  • Using markers for clear communication in training

  • Working towards performing all these behaviours in and around distractions

Level 2

Pre requisites: Completed Dog Bizness OB1 or equivalent.

Dogs should be able to sit, drop, stay, recall, leave it, loose lead walk, look, reliably respond to verbal marker, go to place.

This course includes:

  • Advanced Leash Skills - Focused Heel, About Turns (Emergency U-Turns, Speed Up & Slow Down)

  • Advanced Distraction Skills, Leave It, Ignoring Desired Items (food & toys) on Walks

  • Advanced Place - Returning to “Place” (Mat, Bed etc) from Distance

  • Advanced Recall - Distance & Distraction (food, toys, dogs & people)

  • Advanced Stay - Sit + Stay, Down + Stay, Stand + Stay, Distance & Distraction (food, toys, dogs & people), Out-of-Sight Stay, Timed Stay (Duration)

  • Introduction To Tricks

  • Shaping and Capturing for Trick Training

  • The importance of Timing and Markers

Breed Specific - Retrievers, Oodles, Border Collies / Herding breeds and more !

Every month we offer various breed specific dog obedience training courses. These courses are lots of fun, a great bonding experience and we can cater the course to the groups needs.

Our Oodle breed courses are for any OODLE breeds - poodles, cavoodles, labradoodles, bordoodles, moodles, groodles, shoodles and more ! Mixes of these are also fine. As well as all obedience basics, the most common issues in this breed that a class may may provide foundations for addressing is a lack of impulse control, pulling on lead and jumping.

Our Retriever breed courses are for all RETRIEVER breeds - Goldens, Labradors, Duck and more ! Mixes of these are also fine. As well as all obedience basics, the most common issues we see in this breed that a class may may provide foundations for addressing is over excitability, lack of focus and engagement, lack of impulse control and pulling on lead.


Our Herding breed course covers Obedience basic commands with increased criteria, impulse control, play & engagement- the difference between frantic and focused, reward systems, shaping behaviours, understanding your dog’s own threshold and how to increase it without creating over arousal, potential environmental triggers, sensitivity to stimulus and recognizing/addressing/preventing potential breed specific issues.

We have 6 participants maximum per course so please book early. This course is for suitable for high energy but friendly herding breeds 16 weeks and over.

These courses are extremely popular and fill quickly.

If you'd like us to run a breed specific course, just get in touch and we can make it happen !

What to bring to class

A good fitting collar, flat lead, treats, treat pouch, dogs favourite toy, enclosed footwear. NO bungee or retractable leads please.

Locations / Course length / Cost

The courses are 4 weeks in duration and are $200 for level 1 and $220 for level 2- for the entire course. 


  • Chermside 

  • Ferny Grove 

  • Lawnton 

  • North Lakes 

  • Redcliffe 

  • Mitchelton 

  • Sandgate

Upcoming Obedience Classes


  • All Breeds | Sandgate | Sun 20 Feb | 8:30am - $200 - Book Now

  • All Breeds | Ferny Grove | Sat 19 Feb | 8:30am - $200 -  Book Now

  • All Breeds | Ferny Grove MIDWEEK |  Thu 24 Feb | 4:30pm - $190 - Book Now

  • All Breeds | Mitchelton |  Sat 19 Feb | 10:30am - $200 - Book Now

  • All Breeds | Chermside | Sat 19 Feb | 2:30pm - $200 - Book Now

  • All Breeds | North Lakes | Sun 20 Feb | 2:00pm - under cover - $200 - Book Now

  • All Breeds | North Lakes | Sun 20 Feb | 12:30pm - under cover - $200 - Book Now

  • FEBRUARY/MARCH Breed Specific

  • Retriever Breeds | Chermside | Sat 19 Feb | 4:00pm - Book Now

  • Dalmations FULL

Please contact us to register your interest for future classes - Register your interest here

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