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Dachshund Training
For owners & breeders

Our head trainer and business owner is godmother to 5 beautiful dachshunds...we have also worked with hundreds of dachshund owners and have put together together some packages to address/manage common issues within the breed and for new dachshund puppy owners, to avoid issues developing.

We address a number of behaviour issues including separation and independence related problems, barking, not listening, destructive behaviours, reactivity to other dogs and stimulus and boredom.

Our Dachshund specific puppy sessions set you up from week 1. Understanding their drives, intelligence, strong will and need to work is crucial to raising a well balanced, stable, social and independent dachshund.

Are you a registered and reputable breeder ?

Wanting to provide basic training for your puppies before they go to their furever homes?

Reach out for a chat - Contact us

Dachshund Sessions and Pricing

Dachshund Puppy Head Start Training Package

For any dachshund puppy parents wanting all the basics.

  • 1x 1hr in home puppy training session ( under 16 weeks )

  • 1x 4 week puppyschool course. Locations as listed on the Puppyschool page

$290 inc. GST - Contact us to book

Dachshund First Timer Training Session 

Get in early to avoid common issues such as excessive barking, separation anxiety, reactivity and more.

  • 1x 1.5hr adult in home training session ( under 16 weeks )

$210 inc. GST - Contact us to book

For reactivity please refer to our In Home Training Page HERE.


Group of Dashchund dogs being socialised
Dashchund dog socialisation training session
Dashchund leash training
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