Our small breed socialisation classes, designed for friendly oodles, dachshunds, chihuahuas and ALL other small breeds. Ideal for those who like to play but may be intimidated in dog parks.

We have multiple trainers at every session.

  • Outdoors.

  • Dog must be fully vaccinated and in good health.

  • Dogs MUST be friendly.

  • Dog must be under 10kgs.

  • Maximum of 10 dogs and 3 Trainers.

  • There are no refunds for these sessions.

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Our puppy socialisation classes allow your puppy to play, learn social cues and have fun, with a variety of breeds, in a safe and sterile environment. Safe socialisation and positive interactions are the most important aspects of puppyhood and these classes have been developed for this reason.  We also provide these sessions as confidence building for timid puppies or puppies that may have had a negative experience elsewhere.

We have a minimum of 4 trainers at every session.

  • $25 per puppy for 45 min of monitored play 

  • Indoors, safe secure and sterile

  • Maximum of 9 puppies per session

  • Feel free to ask our trainers questions

  • First vaccination required

  • Maximum age approx 18 weeks. (contact us if you have a smaller breed that is older)

  • There are no refunds or transfers for these sessions

Upcoming Classes

North Lakes | Sunday Dec 5 | 6:00pm - $25 per session - Book Now

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