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Behaviour Training - all ages 

Our in home dog training sessions ( training packages available as per below ) are customised for you, your dog, and your family’s needs and goals.

We address a variety of issues including:

  • pulling on lead

  • enrichment for the reactive dog - tricks, fun, scent games and much more

  • settling a rescue dog into your home - make the transition easy

  • recall training

  • general anxiety

  • separation anxiety / isolation distress

  • barking

  • basic obedience

  • trick training

  • confidence building in timid or nervous dogs

  • jumping and attention seeking

  • puppyhood problems / setup in preparation for a puppy - specialised training

  • toilet training

  • crate training

  • lead frustration and/or mild to moderate reactivity towards dogs - requires a 1hr Dog Reactivity initial session as your first session

  • over excited behaviours

  • destructive behaviours

  • teaching your dog complex tasks to assist you in every day life - retrieving an item, opening a door etc. 

  • Puppy training -  under 16 weeks

Puppy Specific Training 

We have either a 1hr session to go over basic issues and/or commands or a 2hr extensive complete SETUP session or a complete In Home Puppyschool COURSE- catered to you and your families needs


  • All puppy In Home Sessions are for under 16 weeks of age.

Behaviour Sessions and Pricing 
  • 1 hr in Home session (any age) includes all basic behavioural issues such as pulling on lead, jumping, door manners etc.

       $180 inc. GST - Book Now

  • Lead frustration / Dog Reactivity - 1 hr in Home Initial session - for mild to moderate dog reactivity issues. Packages can be booked after an initial session, not before. ( Reactivity follow up sessions are often with more than 1 trainer and in a controlled setting with our own dogs )

      $170 inc. GST - Book Now

  • Loose Lead Walking - 1 hr in Home session (any age) includes foundations for loose lead walking only.

      $140 inc. GST - Book Now

  • 2 x 1hr In Home sessions (any age) - suitable for all issues. Remaining sessions are booked manually.

      $300 inc.GST - Book Now

  • 3 x 1hr In Home session (any age) - suitable for all issues.  Remaining sessions are booked manually.

      $400 inc.GST - Book Now

  • 2 hr in Home session (any age) includes more complex behavioural issues or multiple dogs with various issues etc. 

      $300 inc.GST - please contact us to book

  • Follow up session (any age) at a discounted rate. 

      $155 per hour inc. GST - please contact us to book

Puppy Sessions and Pricing

  • 1 hr In Home PUPPY BASICS Session (dogs under 16 weeks of age only) 1hr session at your home – We come to your home, at a time that suits, go through any puppy issues you may need help with or basic commands.

      $140 inc.GST (for up to 16 weeks of age) - Book Now

  • 2 hr In Home Puppy SETUP Session (dogs under 16 weeks of age only) 2hr session at your home – We come to your home, at a time that suits, go through all puppy raising basics including things such as home setup, teething, toilet training, preparing to go back to work, socialisation, child safety, nutrition, jumping and nipping and much more.  These sessions are extensive and designed to set you up for  complete success during puppyhood. You will be given a Puppy Raising Guide for reference and have ongoing support.

      $250 inc.GST (for up to 16 weeks of age) - Book Now

  • 4 Session In Home Puppyschool COURSE -  4 x 1hr sessions at your home - weekly or at times that suit you. This includes learning basic commands - sit, stay, name recognition/recall, lay down, leave it, give, mat training or other commands as required. We also cover toilet training, crate training, confidence building, nipping and biting, enrichment, how to safely socialise, home setup, time alone training, nutrition and more. Our Puppy Training Specialist can also assist in safely socialising your puppy. This includes a Puppy Raising Guide for reference and ongoing support.

      $480 inc.GST  - (for up to 16 weeks of age) Book Now