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Puppy Preschool 

No other Puppy Preschool offers the amount of support and guidance we do !

With 2-5 trainers at every session , we go above and beyond, we spare no expense in order to provide you with the best service available and the peace of mind that if you need extra help its always there !


Our puppy preschools are for all breeds from approx 8 – 18 weeks.  Dog Bizness Puppy Preschool will give you the tools and guidance to create a well balanced, well mannered,  happy pooch ! Through our courses you will establish a strong bond, establish basic rules and have the extremely important benefit of advice from multiple Nationally certified trainers.

Our qualified trainers will be able to identify, prevent and resolve any issues that you may need help with, during your puppies most important learning stage. 

Our extensive 4 week course covers such things as:

  • Getting use to a lead.

  • The risk of over socialising

  • Name recognition for recall basics.

  • Anxiety and spending time alone.

  • Attention seeking behaviours.

  • Basic commands. 

  • Chewing and destructive behaviours.

  • Child safety.

  • Crate training.

  • Dog drives - what are they are how can you use them for training and fulfilment.

  • Dog park safety.

  • Body Language - learn how do advocate for your puppy, keep them safe and know when to intervene if needed.

  • Basic home setup.

  • Sleeping arrangements.

  • How to set up a puppy pen.

  • Introducing a cat or dog.

  • Mental and physical stimulation.

  • Nipping and biting.

  • Nutrition basics

  • Parvo and how to be safe.

  • Socialisation and desensitization to different sights, sounds textures and stimulus. This is one of the most misunderstood aspects of raising a puppy.

  • Teething.

  • Toilet training.

  • What to do if your puppy is timid or too boisterous.

  • Confidence building.

  • and much more.

We have a maximum of 6-8 puppies per class with 2-5 trainers at every session to ensure safe play and to allow the more timid puppies a chance to build their confidence. We encourage the whole family to attend, COVID-19 restrictions permitting. Please check with us.​

Locations / Course length / Cost

Puppy Preschool is a 4 week course -1 hour sessions for 4 consecutive weeks at the same time and place.

  • Puppy Preschool - $150 inc.GST for the entire course.  ​


Puppy Preschool Locations:

  • Chermside 

  • Ferny Grove 

  • Mitchelton 

  • North Lakes 

  • Redcliffe TBA

Important Information
  • First vaccination required to attend. 

  • The first week is an intensive information session with a free puppy guide. No puppies attend this week but all attend weeks 2-4.

Upcoming Classes


  • Chermside WEEKNIGHT | Tue 1 Feb | 6:30pm - Book Now

  • Chermside AFTERNOON | Tue 1 Feb | 5:00pm - Book Now

  • Chermside WEEKNIGHT | Mon 19 Feb | 6:30pm -  Book Now​ 

  • Ferny Grove WEEKNIGHT | Thu 24 Feb | 6:30pm - Book Now

  • Redcliffe | Sun 20 Feb | 10:00am - Book Now

  • North Lakes | Sun 20 Feb | 4:30pm  - Book Now

  • North Lakes | Sun 20 Feb | 6:00pm  - Book Now

  • Mitchelton | Sat 19 Feb |  12:00pm  - Book Now

( North Lakes Week 1 information session will be at 4:30pm not 6pm )


  • Mitchelton | Sat 2 Apr | 9:00am - Book Now

  • Chermside | Tue 5 Apr | 6:30pm - Book Now

  • North Lakes | Sun 3 Apr | 4:30pm - Book Now

  • North Lakes | Sun3 Apr | 6:00pm - Book Now

  • Redcliffe

  • Ferny Grove

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