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Frequently Asked Questions 

Team members related

Do you have police checks and insurance?

Yes, our behaviour team Police Checks and Public Liability Insurance.


What type of training methods do you use?

Our training revolves around positive rewards play and relationship building. 


What qualification/s do the trainers have?

Our team has Dog Training & Related Qualifications as follows:

  • NDTF Qualified Dog Trainers

  • Behaviour modification

  • Dog First Aid  

  • Rescue dog rehabilitation

  • Puppy raising & training specialists

  • Cavoodle and small breed specialists

Course Related - Obedience, Puppy Preschool and other.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, please see below:-

All Cancellations/Refunds carry $10 administration fee.

In home sessions

24 hours notice - VIA TEXT OR PH CALL is required to cancel or reschedule a private training session booking or a fee of $40 shall be incurred.

If you need to cancel within 24 hours, please CALL OR TEXT, as your email may not be received in time.

This applies throughout Covid. If you book a package deal and do not pay the fee, you will, unfortunately, forfeit your appointment. 

Packages EXPIRE 1 year from payment date and cannot be transferred or swapped. 

Group sessions

48 hours notice is required to cancel prior to a group session commencing or a fee of $50 shall be incurred for obedience and $30 for puppyschool.

If you have paid for a session or class and cancel it yourself, please contact us for refund or further action.

Refunds are not automatically generated in the system.

Weather interruptions- what if it rains? 

A session may be cancelled at the trainer's discretion. All participants will be notified via text ASAP - before class commences.

This will mean your weekly session is postponed/extended 

If rain continues your course will be extended another week.

We do NOT offer refunds or transfers for course extensions due to bad weather / isolation / missing a session / forgetting a session is on / not checking course dates. Our trainers are reasonable and if you communicate with us we will endeavour to catch you up at your next allocated session.

PLEASE NOTE: We may need to extend a course if our trainers test positive to covid and we cannot arrange an alternative trainer. We do NOT offer a refund or transfer if this occurs.

How long does obedience and Puppyschool go for?

Each class is 1 hour in length for 4 consecutive weeks, at the same place and time – unless weather interferes, then the trainer will be in contact. Puppyschool is indoors so generally not interrupted by weather. 

Do I bring my puppy in week 1 of puppyschool?

No. Week 1 is a big information session for the humans only. We go through a booklet that sets you up for puppyhood. The information within this session is extensive. We offer basic puppy behaviour advice within this session also.

Is the price for one session or all 4 sessions of obedience and puppyschool ?

The price is for all 4 sessions of obedience /puppyschool. Socialisation classes are pay as you go.

When can my puppy attend Puppy Preschool?

From 8 weeks old and after 1st Vaccination as our Puppy Preschools are held Indoors and in a safe and sterile environment.


How many people can attend a class?

Puppy Preschool: Please contact us if you have more than 2 people attending to let us know. We can cater for larger numbers at some venues.

Obedience: As it is outdoors, no restrictions apply. 


If the course falls on a public holiday, does the session still go ahead as planned?

Yes, unless otherwise agreed via class discussions.

What do I need to take to class?

Obedience- A good fitting collar, flat lead, treats, treat pouch, dogs favourite toy, enclosed footwear. NO bungee or retractable leads please.

Puppy Preschool – treats, collar and or and harness.


What are some example of treats.

High value – Ziwi Peak dry food, dehydrated liver pieces, cooked chicken or Prime 100.

Low Value- normal food, kibble, small carrot pieces, apple pieces, blueberries.


These are just examples, each dog is different with dietary restrictions, taste and experience with different foods. Try before attending class, to see what works for you and your dog. NO - You wont need to use food forever. 

In what suburbs are your courses located?

Our classes are currently running in the areas listed below:-

  • Bracken Ridge

  • Chermside

  • Ferny Hills

  • Lawnton

  • North Lakes

  • Redcliffe

  • Sandgate

  • Redcliffe

  • Mitchelton

  • Bald Hills

  • Bardon

Please note, our locations may change as more venues are secured.

What is my class address?

Please refer to the Email sent to you once you have registered for the class, then a reminder SMS/TXT a few days before class is starting.


In home training

How many sessions will I need to resolve my dogs issues?

As every dog, owner, situation, circumstance is different, we cannot give you an estimate before having a session with you. We may provide an estimate only after this session. This is an estimate only. 


Do you help with separation anxiety?

Yes, we address it in a variety of breeds and ages.


How do I book a follow up session if I have already purchased a package?

Please contact us, via email, phone or Facebook messenger, to book in. 


Is there an extra fee if I have more than one dog living with me that needs training?

No extra fees for more than one dog living in the same household, however if there are multiple issues you may want to consider a longer session.


What do you do in the first In home session?

At our private in home consultations we cover a variety of issues depending on what you need help with. The sessions are catered to you and your dogs needs and lifestyle. Each training plan or program is different to the next. We begin the practical training in session 1. It is usually at your house but may be at a park or outdoor area depending on what we need to address.


What type of training methods do you use?

We believe in reward based training. 

Do you offer ongoing support?

Yes you can contact us anytime between sessions for help and advice.

Do you specialize in any breeds in particular?

We work with all breeds. Some of our trainers have particular experience with Golden Retrievers, Dachshunds, Cavoodles, Labradoodles, Groodles, Cobberdogs and other Oodle and small breeds.

What areas do you service for in home sessions?

Brisbane north and south

Redcliffe peninsula and North Lakes area

Moreton Bay



Ferny Grove and Pine Rivers 


For Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Burpengary, Caboolture please contact us prior to booking.


Is there an expiry date on sessions?

Sessions must be utilized within 1 year of payment date.

Please view the Terms and Conditions before making a booking.

Dog Bizness reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time. If you make a booking you automatically accept the terms and conditions. Terms and conditions can be found here.

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