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Group Dog Obedience Training

Our Dog Bizness 4 Week Dog Obedience Group Training Courses are for all SOCIAL and FRIENDLY, fully vaccinated breeds, 16 weeks and over. These courses will build a stronger relationship, allow for clearer communication and most of all - make training fun ! 

What sets us apart is the extra service we provide at these sessions, we always have multiple trainers at every session, with a maximum of 7 dogs, we can adapt, work one on one with you, explain as we go, give you extra attention where its needed. No cookie cutter approach.
Our qualified and experienced obedience trainers also have a vast amount of behavioural knowledge to offer extra guidance throughout the course. Having an in-depth understanding of dog behaviour means you have the added benefit of trainers that can adjust, improvise and think outside the square when needed...
WOOF - Our courses are NOT suitable for reactive dogs (barking, lunging, highly stressed in proximity to other dogs).
Excited dogs are quite ok . If unsure, we recommend giving us a call PRIOR TO BOOKING  :) 

WOOF - Please ensure you read our terms and conditions HERE before booking.

Obedience Training (Level 1)

Social Dogs only   Terms & Conditions
Obedience Training

This course includes:

  • Coming when called

  • Impulse control foundations

  • Stay around distractions

  • Loose lead walking

  • Boundary training - eg not running out a door or gate, staying out of the kitchen or bedroom

  • How to reduce jumping on visitors

  • Leave it - how to progress to real life situations

  • Mistakes commonly made in dog obedience training

  • Proper use of positive rewards in dog training

  • Creating focus and engagement 

  • Using markers for clear communication in dog training

  • Working towards performing all these behaviours in and around distractions

  • The importance of play

Retriever Breed Specific Training (Level 1)

Social Dogs only   Terms & Conditions

Our Retriever courses are for all FRIENDLY Retriever breeds from 16 weeks of age to any age. These courses are great fun and are a good opportunity for owners of the same breed to talk to each other and our trainers about common training and behaviour issues. Similar content to basic obedience but we adjust the curriculum according to the group we have, with extra emphasis on walking, impulse control and safe recall.

Retriever Trainig

Cavoodle/ Cavoodle Mix Obedience (Level 1) 

Social Dogs only   Terms & Conditions

Our Cavoodle Obedience Courses are for all FRIENDLY Cavoodle breeds/mixes from 16 weeks to any age. As with our Other breed specific courses, we adjust the course to cater to common issues we deal with such as over excitement, jumping, impulse control, walking politely on lead, conditioned relaxation / creating an off switch. THESE COURSES RUN EVERY SECOND MONTH.

What to bring 
A good fitting collar, flat lead, treats, treat pouch, dogs favourite toy, enclosed footwear. NO bungee or retractable leads please.

Course length / Price
Obedience courses are 4 week courses -1 hour sessions for 4 consecutive weeks at the same time and place.

$220 inc. GST-TOTAL  for the entire course

June/July All Breeds

August All Breeds

  • Chermside  | Sat Aug 10 |  4:00pm - Book Now

  • North Lakes | Sun Aug 11 | 12:30pm -undercover -  Book Now

August Breed Specific

  • Retriever/Retriever mix - Chermside | Sat Aug 10 | 2:30pm Book Now

  • Cavoodle/Cavoodle Mix - North Lakes | Sun Aug 11 | 2:00pm  -  undercover - Book Now


*Please ensure you read our terms and conditions HERE before booking.

PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT ALLOW REACTIVE DOGS IN OUR GROUP CLASSES ! THAT IS - EXCESSIVE BARKING, LUNGING, GROWLING, UNABLE TO FOCUS IN A GROUP SETTING. There are no refunds or transfers if you register and your dog is too stressed to attend a group session.

we train all dog breeds and ages
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