We are the puppy experts !!

Our Puppy SETUP sessions will help you take the stress out of Puppyhood !


Our business owner and master trainer can come to your home and take you through all the puppy basics, so you and your puppy start out with the best paw forward !

We can cover all you need to know including:

  • How to set up your home

  • What to do/not do within in the first 7 days of your puppy arriving

  • The right time to start training

  • The settling in period

  • Toilet training

  • Tips for apartment living

  • Teething, nipping, biting skin and clothing

  • Crate training

  • When and how to socialise safely

  • Training with children

  • Night time routine

  • Introducing another pet

  • Sleeping arrangements

  • 'Zoomies' and how to create calm

  • Self regulation for over excited puppies - vital for impulse control as an adolescent

  • Common mistakes made when training

  • Confidence building for timid puppies

  • Choosing a quality food

  • How to avoid or reduce unwanted behaviours such as jumping, barking, attention seeking

  • Separation distress and how and when to teach your puppy to be happy spending time alone

  • Desensitization to sights, sounds, textures, handling and other stimulus

  • Basic commands

  • Recall - its so important 

  • Creating engagement from day 1

  • Scent games

  • And more !

Sessions and Pricing

  •  2hr in Home Puppy SETUP Session (under 16 weeks of age) 

        $250 inc.GST - Book Now

For more basic Puppy training we have a 1hr session -

  • 1hr in Home Puppy BASICS Session (under 16 weeks of age) 

        $140 inc.GST - Book Now