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About Us

The team at Dog Bizness are dedicated to helping you create a strong and trusted friendship with your 4 legged best friend. Our services are based around quality advice, education and offering more on the spot support than anyone else. 


From general manners to more complex issues such as anxiety and lead frustration, our Qualified Dog Trainers go above and beyond to help you understand the issues, and work with you and teach you how to address them. We take great pride in offering extra assistance at our classes and we believe thats what sets us apart. Our staff are trained to be able to adapt as needed. No cookie cutter approach. 


We work with all breeds and ages. 

We realise every dog and owner are different and we will work with you, to create training plans that are realistic to you and your lifestyle. With clear communication, an understanding of your dogs natural drives and abilities, positive rewards and relationship building, we create enthusiastic dogs that love to train.

  • We offer phone support 24/7

  • We work 7 days a week – 6 am -7 pm, later if needed

  • We work with various rescue groups

  • Our Obedience courses always have more than 1 trainer to offer extra support and guidance.

  • Our Puppyschool courses offer more support than any other, with multiple trainers always on hand

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our team has Dog Training & Related Qualifications as follows:

  • NDTF Qualified Dog Trainers

  • Puppy Training Specialists

  • Blue Card

  • Dog and Child First Aid

  • Retriever, Cavoodle, Dachshund and Herding breed specific training

  • Small Breed Specific training

  • Family Paws Parent Educator - Preparing families with dogs for life with baby. Preparing families with dogs for life with toddlers.

Kylie - Qualified Master Dog Trainer.png
Owned by:
Parker - Terrier
Lily, Audrey, Maeve, Eve, Iz
zy - Dachshunds
Lucille - Cavoodle

Qualified Master Dog Trainer

Amy - Qualified Dog Trainer.png
Owned by: Jedha & Solo

Qualified Dog Trainer

Megan - M.Shikashio Aggression In Dogs Master Course.png
Owned by: Blake & Lucy

 Dog Trainer

M.Shikashio Aggression In Dogs Master Course 

Anna - M.Shikashio Aggression In Dogs Master Course.png
Owned by: Sasha

Qualified Dog Trainer

M.Shikashio Aggression In Dogs Master Course 

Tayla - Qualified Dog Trainer.png
Owned by:
Apollo & Tommie

Qualified Dog Trainer

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