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Build a Strong Bond Through Positive Dog Training

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Seeking comprehensive guidance to enhance the bond and quality of life between you and your puppy?
Check out our new Puppyschool Training PDF Guide


From puppy preschool to basic obedience dog training, relationship and confidence building to more complex behaviour problems such as reactivity, anxiety, jumping, barking, pulling on lead, not coming when called.


We offer affordable, professional training for you and your pooch. 

We offer dog training Brisbane.

puppy preschool to basic obedience dog training we do it

Learning through communication, bond building & fun !

“These guys are amazing! I just finished obedience training with my 1 yr old rough collie, the guidance and training was second to none. Megan was so knowledgeable and was able to answer all my concerns and questions and even give me advice on how to get my boy to jump into the back of my car! As a novice dog owner it was really great to have someone like Megan who was really experienced and provide unique tips and advice. Thanks again!”
~Emma Belton
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