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One of our biggest passions is puppy training. Our extensive Online
Puppyschool course covers everything you need to raise a resilient,
confident puppy.


This online course includes a PDF guide plus video content.

Please purchase with a VALID EMAIL, as you will be emailed instructions

What do we cover in our PDF?


-How dogs communicate/Body language-Communication/Marker & Clicker training

-Home setup

-What to buy

-Crate training

-Sleeping arrangements

-Toilet training

-Separation training

-Teething & Mouthing

-Jumping & Barking

-Door manners

-Resource guarding

-Puppies & children

-Exercise & enrichment/Preventing boredom

-All basic commands

-Coming when called


-Sit & stay

-Leave it


-Lay down

-Getting used to a lead

-Training tips



Puppyschool Training PDF Guide